Handcrafted Cheeses in Port Clinton, Ohio

Say cheese! At our store in Port Clinton, Ohio, you'll love our wide variety of handcrafted cheeses from Italy, France, and Greece.
Cheese, Handcrafted Cheeses in Port Clinton, OH

Handcrafted Cheese
CheeseHaven carries more than 200 cheeses in our store. Most are made locally. However, our cheese shop also has a large selection of imported cheeses from all over the world, such as Italy, Ireland, Greece, France, and other countries. From cheese spreads and flavored cheeses to aged cheddars (from one year to more than 13 years old), we have everything you want when it comes to cheeses.

Biggest Sellers!

• 4-Year-Old Sharp Cheddar Cheese
• Solid Texture
• Softer Variety of Aged Cheddar

• White or Yellow Color
• Aged in Perfect Conditions
*By the Pound & in Blocks Cut from the Wheel
**Individually Vacuum Sealed Packaging


13-Year-Old Aged Very Sharp Cheddar
Cheddar changes colors as it is aged. The longer it ages, the more crumbly and strong the flavor. Our very sharp and pungent sharp cheddar cheese is sold by the pound. Purchase it in blocks cut from the wheel. We also individually vacuum seal them for packaging.

Savory Meats
CheeseHaven has been making Bierwurst, a German-style meat, since 1949. In fact, our store is the only place you can get Bierwurst in the area. We also have our specialty summer sausage. Some of the other meats we carry include:

• Hard Salami • Beef Jerky—BBQ, Mild, or Teriyaki • Smoked Fish—Salmon, Lake Trout, Whitefish, & Carp
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