Old-Fashioned Candy in Port Clinton, Ohio

Bring something delicious home with you when you visit our shop in Port Clinton, Ohio, that sells old-fashioned candy.
Candy in Port Clinton, OH

Old-Fashioned Candy
CheeseHaven does more than sell flavorful cheeses. We also offer a large variety of retro candy and nostalgia candies. Whether you want sweet treats that are shipped from all over the US, or you have a sweet tooth for homemade candy, we have great things in store.

For instance, we carry candies from the 1940s and 1950s, like penny candy in the old candy shops of your youth. Some of the candies we offer include:

Now and Later®
Black Cow®

Mallo Cup®
Charleston Chew®
French Chew™

Taffy Treats
A candy store isn't complete without taffy!  We are one of the largest taffy stores in the area. We sell pulled taffy, and we also carry whipped taffy, which is softer and made by machine. Enjoy more than 40 flavors of taffy in our store. If you know what you want, we can ship our candy to you.

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